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Photoluminescent stones

Glazed glow in the dark Beads

Glowing in the dark and self-luminous in the dark beads
  yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.
Wonderful day time color of white, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. 
Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hrs, For promotion gifs

Photoluminescent Round beads (glazed in 3mm & 5mm beads)
    Three glowing color available
    Smart round bead shape 
    Higher intensity and better  
    Weather resistance,  
    Non-fading, Suitable Landscape decoration 
    No odor , Cleansing surface High hardness,
    Environment friendly,  abrasion resistance
Mainly selling points: Wonderful Round shape, glowing color 
Main Specification
full name  Glazed based glow in the dark round beads
Application Ganden decoration, pathway decoration, dress shop decoration 
Rockery, Flowerpot, potted landscape,
Aquarium, fishbowl, fish jar decoration
Pool flooring, wall decoration, ceiling park decoration etc.
Size available     Regular round ball shape,  A: 3mm dia  B, 5g/pebble,
Day time color: Natural white 
Available glow color yellow-green, bue-green, sky-blue 
Luminance testing DIN67510 Part one
Test period value  initial  5minutes 10minutes 60minutes
luminance mcd/m3 2500 280 120 12
Afterglow time More than 1000mintes
Packing: 15kg-30kg/carton