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Glow in the dark Escape syestem

photoluminescent exit signs

Item No.: glow signs
photoluminescent exit signs
Photoluminescent exit signs 

Luminous sign

Luminescent signs Illuminate the way to safety

Reference standard code:
  • DIN67510 Part I & IV 
  • New York City Building Code Reference Standards RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A
  • Washability - ASTM D 4828
  • Toxicity - SMP 800-C
  • Radioactivity - ASTM D 3648
  • Flame Spread ASTM D635
Intensity and decay time
  • Materials: photoluminescent pigment
  • Basic Board: aluminum board 1mm thickness
  • Luminance : 
  • Luminance  after 10 min.:  270Mcd/m2
  • Luminance  after 60 min. :13Mcd/m2
  • Decay time:  1800Minutes  
Product characteristics
  • High initial luminance, long afterglow time
  • Light-resistance, aging-resistance and stability chemical
  • More than 6 years of life span
  • New type of environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, non-flammability and non-explosibility.

During a fire, smoke or blackout crisis, the most familiar surroundings become
confusing and treacherous to fleeing building occupants. The paramount goal during an emergency is to move occupants from danger to safety in an orderly manner. Providing a clearly visible path of egress is vital to avoiding panic and preventing casualties.

Luminous signs and pathway markers glow clearly in total darkness and illuminate the evacuation route when the egress pathway is darkened or obscured. System components activate and glow automatically when the lights go out and function free of any human, mechanical or electrical intervention even if all electric and battery power sources fail.
Name Custom glowing in the dark luminous signs warning signs

luminous PVC sheet,  in1.13mm about thickness
luminous self adhesive film, in 0.30mm 
about thickness
aluminum board,in 0.8~1.0mm or 2mm 
Arcylic board also avaiable according to customer requirements
International standard
P.S.P.A , DIN67510
Our products meet the international standard PSPA: A, B, C
Regular Size 150mmx450mm,150X150mm, 150x300mm etc. 
Different size and design can be customized.
Glowing time Above 10 hours
Printing craft

Screen-printing craft
Indoor signs: Use environmental friendly ink 
Outdoor signs: Use UV environmental friendly ink 
Advantage Low cost, non energy consumption, environmental friendly, easy of Installation.
Installation method self-adhesive sticker, with holes for fixed, hanging.
Application range exit routes, security exits, evacuation exits, evacuation warnings.
Our material and products are manufactured with unique high-impact pvc rigid board and aluminum board, self-adhesive film etc. materials. We features densely concentrated safety-grade strontium aluminate photoluminescent pigment embedded within and evenly dispersed throughout hard, nonporous 0.3mm thick pvc sheets or 0.8~1mm aluminum board. Our Luminous aluminum signs and markers are flame-retardant, water-, corrosion- and impact-resistant. High-luminance strontium aluminate photoluminescent pigment is applied directly to aluminum sheets using our smart process. All of our products generate a bright, enduring afterglow visible for 8 or more hours and fully recharge in an hour or less when light is restored.