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Luminescent ceramics

photoluminescent glaze mosaics

Item No.: glow mosaics
luminescent glaze mosaics
Full glowing glaze mosaics
High luminance pebble mosaics
Luminous Pebble stone and pebble mosaic
luminous pebble mosaic: This mosaic is made of our glow in the dark pebbles, the luminous artificial cobble is by the glaze as raw material, add the luminous materials through special processing technology. The cobblestone shape such as cobblestone, sizes, shape rich and not monotonous. It is a non-toxic no radiation environmental protection material, he can into the flowerpot aquarium and bonsai, and can be made into a mosaic made of used as wall decoration.
Mainly selling points:    Smart pebble design plus glowing in dark
Main Specification
Name  Luminous pebble mosaic
tile type self-luminous pebble mosaic
Size popular  30x30cm each sheet
Glowing color  Mix color (or single color)
Day time color White at usually but could be pink or any according customer 
Available glow color Yellow-green or blue-green or sky-blue
Tile(pebble plus mesh)thickness 7mm - 10mm
weight each sheet about 850g
Luminance according to DIN67510 Part 1
Packing: Polystyrene foam box And pallet