Grand Luminous founded in 2005, Relying on the powerful background of photoluminescence technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have achieved perfect and accurate docking with CAS (Dezhou) Innovation Park and Shandong University. We focus on long after-glow photoluminescence technology and materials’ Research & Development, production and sales.



At present, the luminescent brightness of our luminescent powder, especially the yellow-green and sky-blue luminescent powder, Becoming our core product and the most competitive products, it has been at the leading level in the field of luminescent materials in China. Our glow powder have fast absorption, long luminescent time and strong luminescent brightness. And in the same small particle range, the luminous intensity is the best. And the cost-performance ratio is the highest in China. 

What’s our FBA Rule ? 



For our glow materials, the Feature is self-glow in the dark It is the self luminous performance of our materials, the long afterglow spontaneous function, and the characteristics of continuous light emission after the light source is cut off



It means that when our luminous powder is added to the product medium or our luminous semi-finished products are used, the product highlights and selling points are added.


1. Our Advanced Nature Is High Cost Performance, High Cost Performance Itself Saves Money.
2. In addition, the luminescent brightness of our luminescent materials (or luminescent products) is better, the amount of addition (or use) is reduced, and the total cost is also reduced.
3. Good compatibility. Our luminous masterbatch has good compatibility and reduces the waste rate. Our luminescent film luminescent panel is more close to the end-user's use, specially customized.
4. Easy to use and provide customers with the best solution.  

With the growing production capacity and the continuous maturity of research and development of photoluminescence technology, we have met the different needs of customers in dozens of countries for photoluminescent pigments and photoluminescent products. We are committed to providing customers with more professional and appropriate luminescent materials, with longer luminescent aging, stronger brightness, more compatible applications, and providing system solutions for customers' luminescent projects.

Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective products and Solutions

We are holding "Honest, standardized, efficiency, innovation“ as our management concept, following the International Standard Organization requirements, Strict management, control quality strictly, supplying the first class products and best service to all of our customers

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