Application of self luminous materials in landscape roads and footpaths

With the progress of science and technology, the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the urban environment is constantly beautifying to some extent. When the twilight falls, take off your fatigue and walk with your family on the night light dotted with bright night light, so that you can better experience the most romantic visual feast of stepping on the Milky way dream starry sky. This is the application of glow in the stones in the paving of landscape roads and footpaths that I will introduce to you today

At present, our two best-selling luminous particles are inorganic luminous ceramic particles and organic EPDM luminous particles

inorganic luminous ceramic particles

Organic EPDM luminous particles



In order to increase the practicability and ornamental of plastic runway or path,

More and more cities and communities will choose to sprinkle on the plastic runway or path

A layer of fluorescent particles, which will emit some colors at night

Rich and bright light, highly ornamental. Rubber runway fluorescence