Continue to stabilize and improve the production of high brightness luminous

The company’s annual meeting was held in the company’s conference hall. Special guests from the company’s sales, finance, R & D center, production, quality control and other departments as well as the technical support center of Shandong University attended the meeting. The meeting summarized the achievements and existing problems of the company in the past year; All departments unanimously adopted the work program, work objectives and work plan for the new year 2022:

Based on improving the company’s production capacity, the company continues to expand sales as the driving force, so as to achieve the company’s overall sales target.

Improve the production capacity, especially the production capacity of high and middle end products, meet customers’ demand for quantity and delivery time, and shorten customers’ consumption cycle. The core products and main products of the products are concentrated in the high and middle end stage. At this stage, the luminous powder (and materials) is the most cost-effective. The product has good luminous effect and large demand. Expanding the output on the basis of stabilizing the output is the work goal in the next year.

Optimize proprietary customer solutions and expand customer applications.

Continuously solve, improve and optimize customer solutions, improve the company’s technical support ability, timely solve the application problems encountered by customers, expand the application field of new products, and optimize and stabilize the original customer applications. Technical support for the problems of luminescent powder in the field of plastic injection molding, and more optimize the application problems encountered in customer applications. The preparation period of powder and other raw materials is the beginning of the application. Focus on the technical needs of customers, focus on the application programs of customers, match the raw material specifications, and do a good one-to-one connection. A specific model corresponds to a specific application.

Driven by high-performance luminous performance, improve the complete utilization of products.

Continue to stabilize and improve the production of high brightness luminous powder, and focus on R & D and stable production in several fields:

1 fast light absorption, fast excitation,

2 fast absorption and long afterglow performance

3. Stabilize the production environment, that is, the purity of reaction conditions.