Why Choose photoluminescent masterbatch instead of photoluminescent

Why Choose Glow in the dark masterbatch instead of luminous powder?

The specific gravity of luminous powder is much higher, it will settle if mix with resin directly.

It easily have friction during the injection process so that make product turn black.

Masterbatch have better compatibility because of the same carrier of exclusive luminous   masterbatch and plasctic product.

Glow in the dark masterbatch have better dispersity and coloring power.

Luminous powder has a high water absorption, while masterbatch can reduce effectively.

Easier to calculate the dosage ratio, masterbatch is granule appearance wihich is similar to resin so that can promise the weighing  accurancy.

7)  Environmental-friendly, using masterbatch can avoid dust pollution, good to operators’ health.

Further more, We will choose our best luminous powder as the base material, the brightness will be higher

 We will communicate with you and make a special granule for you according to the characteristics of your final product and production process.

Do a good job with you in a timely manner, pre-sale, sales, and after-sales, can solve any technical and non-technical problems you encounter.