What are the advantages of our self luminous tiles & bricks?

New inorganic light storing, self luminous and fire emergency evacuation signs

Ceramic fire signs with zero energy consumption, zero carbon emission, no electricity, self luminous, and permanent use

key words: Ground emergency evacuation sign. It is waterproof, electricity proof and fire-resistant, and it still plays an emergency evacuation sign indicating during combustion.




Floor embedded luminous tiles become the main material of emergency evacuation signs


One time installation, permanent recycling, super long life cycle


Product features

  1. Super luminous fluorescence brightness
  2. Wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance
  3. Energy saving and environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive
  4. High temperature, low temperature and weather resistance
  5. Super long service life, 50 years of cycle life



Overcome the technical difficulties of the industry:

Thick luminescent layer, increase optical layer, adjust the product structure according to the characteristics of energy luminescent materials. The structural characteristics make the luminescent (light-emitting) no loss, and the thick layer makes the fluorescent units set off against each other, making the luminous intensity more powerful. The surface can be provided with anti-skid surface layer or smooth surface layer. The surface glass glaze makes the whole luminous tile have excellent physical properties, wear resistance, skid resistance and corrosion resistance. Enough luminous powder is placed and the other material to be well used and the process to be strictly controlled. The luminescence is uniform.

Product technical parameters

  1. Product model: YMLCZ-RBG500, YMLCZ-RBB600, YML-RBG500FH
  2. General performance: in accordance with appendix g of GB / t4100-2015 ceramic tiles.
  3. Common specifications: 20diameter round, 10x20cm, 25x25cm, or conforming clients requirements
  4. Maximum size: 800 * 800mm
  5. Thickness: 13 ~ 15mm
  6. Weight: about 30 kg / m2
  7. Surface hardness: > 5 (Mohs hardness)
  8. Temperature resistance: - 38 ~ 180
  9. Wear resistance: 3 levels / 1500 rpm
  10. Radioactivity: Class A (GB 6566-2010 limits for radionuclides in building materials)


Luminescent properties:

(excitation conditions: D65 standard light source, illumination 1000lx, excitation for 10 minutes)

Product name model afterglow brightness (mcd/m2)

Appearance and model code

After 10min luminance

After 60mins luminance

Luminous color

Luminescent layer

Smooth surface


















Due to their strong self luminous characteristics and wear resistance and weather resistance, luminous tiles and glazed tiles are widely used in emergency evacuation systems of large shopping malls, Subway Emergency ground escape systems, underground amusement places, indoor large conference places, indoor shopping places, etc. The product can provide emergency indication in case of sudden power failure, and no power supply is required after sudden power failure. Provide the most valuable instruction light for emergency evacuation. Super high luminous brightness and long luminous time are beyond the reach of any ordinary self luminous light storage sign.







The product meets the requirements of GB / T4100-2015 "Ceramic Tiles" Appendix G: Dry pressed ceramic tiles E≤0.5% B l a and GB 6566-2010 "Limits of Radionuclides for Building Materials".
  Surface density of luminescent layer:≥2.2
  Surface hardness of luminescent layer:Mohs 5
  Low temperature resistance:≤-40℃
  High temperature resistance:≥180℃
  Failure strength:≥5000N
  Impact resistance:≥0.84
  Abrasion resistance:≥Level 3/1500 rpm
  Pollution resistance:≥level 5
  Frost resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Thermal shock resistance:No cracks and peeling
  Wet swelling:≤0.02mm/m
  Coefficient of linear thermal expansion:≤6.2×10-6 ℃-1
  Modulus of rupture:Average and maximum value≥43MPa
  Chemical resistance:Reach GA level
  Radioactivity:Meets Class A requirements
  Self-luminous brightness:Product excitation stopped for 10 hours, afterglow intensity ≥16mcd / m2