The special plastic granules for EPDM runway

The special plastic granules for EPDM runway are a new product developed by our company according to the current market requirements for rubber runway and the wide application of long afterglow luminous products. The products not only have the performance of conventional EPDM particles, but also have the characteristics of luminescence.


Product Features:
1, Continuous luminescence after light absorption: luminous color: yellow green light, blue-green light, sky blue light
2, Widely used: can use all kinds of venues: kindergarten; School lawn, stadium runway, interior decoration, garden design, square, fitness field, production workshop and so on

Note: As the product is made of polyurethane, we recommend you to use polyurethane EPDM adhesive as binder. It is also recommended to resist ultraviolet rays and prevent yellowing.

This product can last for 3 ~ 10 hours after absorbing light for 5~15 minutes. It beautifies the environment and adds a warm and quiet atmosphere to the runway stadium at night. Moreover, it can continuously light up in the case of sudden power failure and no electric lights, and can play the role of safety guidance and emergency evacuation. It has stable performance, strong compatibility and good luminous effect. It adds new selling points to conventional runway products and brings unlimited business opportunities and unlimited business valu


Materials: TPU+ Photoluminescent pigment
Aluminium Strontium luminescent powder + elastic polyurethane
Particles size: 2~4mm
Density :1.3~1.5
Weather resistance:5~8year
luminescent data:
10min >400mcd/㎡,
60min >50mcd/㎡。
According DIN 67510-1, D65 light ,1000LX, exiting: 10min
Packing: 25kg/kraft bag
Products grade and item code:

TPU-30L: Photoluminescent contents: 30%
TPU-40M Photoluminescent contents: 40%
TPU-50G Photoluminescent contents: 50%