Luminous stair anti-skid step strips

luminescent stair anti-skid tread strip, also called glow in the dark stair strip, is a new type of luminous material for long afterglow stair anti-skid developed by our company. This product is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and does not need any power supply. It can emit light continuously for more than 8 hours after being irradiated with light or natural light for 10-25 minutes.


In case of emergency or sudden power failure, this luminescent strips can also point out a way of life for escape , Beautiful and antiskid.


luminescent stair anti-skid tread strip, also called glow in the dark stair strip, is a new type of luminous material for long afterglow stair anti-skid developed by our company. This product is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and does not need any power supply. It can emit light continuously for more than 8 hours after being irradiated with light or natural light for 10-25 minutes.



Features :

  1. Unique luminous performance: the product adds long afterglow luminescent materials to increase the luminous performance
  2. Beautiful and practical products: Energy saving and environmental protection, new low-carbon zero emission; No power supply required
  3. Physical and chemical properties: the outer frame is protected by aluminum profiles, and the luminous part is made of stable chemical materials. After special processing, the product is weather resistant and anti-aging.
  4. Easy to install and use, suitable for stair decoration.


A variety of functions are integrated. The structure of the product is not only anti-skid, but also has the function of traditional anti-skid strips because of the intervention of long afterglow. It can guide the evacuation under emergency conditions, so that the trapped people can escape safely.



Specifications :

Size: customized according to customer requirements

Material:  aluminum profile + long afterglow luminous filler,

Long afterglow filler type:

A, cast polymer resin B, polymer organic extrusion resin C, luminescent plate D, luminescent paint spraying E, other fillers

Product life: 10-15 years


Customized, optional materials, more suitable for your self luminous project


Provide excellent decoration and skid resistance for stairs;

Protect the surface of stairs from damage, prevent people from falling when climbing and descending stairs, and decorate the stairs to play a beautiful role



Application field:

It is applicable to car steps, kindergarten stair steps, school stairs, hospital stairs, apartment unit walking stairs, villa walking stairs, office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, etc




Aluminum magnesium alloy anti slide bar has excellent wear-resistant anti slide and quiet effect. It has a variety of specifications and colors. It is applicable to all kinds of materials and sizes of ladder surfaces. Steel nails (screws can be provided by our company) are used for construction.


Advantages: the appearance is luxurious and beautiful, and it is durable. The surface luminous strip with a special formula is super wear-resistant, quiet and convenient for construction.

Material characteristics: the product has a double-layer structure. The bottom is made of high-grade aluminum magnesium alloy, and the surface is made of wear-resistant luminous adhesive strips, wear-resistant luminous coatings, or luminous aluminum strips with a special spraying process of aluminum alloy + luminous powder.

Soft rubber and plastic with special formula, wear-resistant, aging resistant, germ resistant, flame retardant, stain resistant, environmental friendly and non-toxic.

The wear-resistant luminous coating is filled with special paint and protected by special aluminum structure.

The luminescent aluminum strip is firmly combined with aluminum by special spraying process and multi-component paint.