photoluminescent paint

luminous paint used for exit marking and road marking is a 100% high solid acrylic water-based formula paint


The luminous paint used for exit marking and road marking is a 100% high solid acrylic water-based formula to meet the strict requirements of low VOC (volatile organic compounds). It is a single component water-based formula. Appropriate proportion of long afterglow photoluminescent pigment; The paint has high transparency, which fully guarantees the full absorption of luminous powder, and does not lose or cover the luminescence. It has safe and convenient application, high luminous intensity, good chemical resistance, and easy to clean with water. It can be used for road marking, safety marking, plant ground warning line, escape indication, etc.

Before painting, please keep the painting area clean and dry, and paint the white primer evenly, and then paint the luminous layer after 24 hours of drying. Generally, 2~3 layers is recommended. Finally, the surface effect of the luminous layer will be better by brushing the varnish we provide.


General specification: 20KG plastic bucket