Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone

Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone


Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone                                                                  


Glowing in the dark & self-luminous in the dark

Various Glowing colors: yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.

Wonderful day time color of white, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. 

Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hrs

For promotion gift Packing: Different header card or FOY bag or customized

Non-toxic, harmless, Free-radioactivity.

With European EN71 & REACH certificate approval

Mainly selling points:  wonderful shape, glowing color and day time color   



Ganden decoration, pathway decoration, dress shop decoration 

Rockery, Flowerpot, potted landscape,

Aquarium, fishbowl, fish jar decoration

Pool flooring, wall decoration, ceiling park decoration etc.


The glazed based cobblestone have irregular size, but they all in pebble shape, the weight is about 5g/pebble to 10g/pebble, about 100 ~200bebbles each Kilo                                                                       


Day time color light green, pink, yellow, blue etc. (natural white have best luminance)                                                                         

Available glow color yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue                                                                        

Luminance testing   DIN67510 Part one                                                                  



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