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  • Silicate long afterglow phosphors

    Silicate series long lasting phoshorescent powder also called long lasting photoluminescent pigment, long lasting fluorescent powder, long afterglow luminescent powder, phosphors etc.
    Silicate series long afterglow phosphors have become a kind of important energy materials and energy-saving materials because of their excellent luminescence properties. They have longer afterglow time and more stable chemical properties.

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  • Fast excited Photoluminescent Pigment

    Fast excited Photoluminescent Pigment This kind of phosphor is easier to be excited quickly, can be excited by weak light, the luminescence performance is more obvious in 30 ~ 60 minutes, the color of the powder is light yellow, and it is more compatible with other media. Contact us for more details.   For your reference, the following specifications of this fast excited pigment: Glow color:yellow-green Product series Specs/code Luminance(mcd/m2) Afterglow time Min Par...

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  • Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone

    Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone

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  • Three type of luminous aggregate can be used to produce terrazzo

    1. Inorganic glass rubble
    2. Organic (acrylic) luminous macadam
    3. Organic hexagonal stone (luminescent rhombic stone )

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  • Glazed photoluminescent gravel

    Widely used in artificial marble, artificial Selidstone, terrazzo, aquarium disk, bonsai, swimming pool, decoration, etc.
    Glowing in the dark & self-luminous in the dark
    Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hours,
    Various Glowing colors: yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.
    Non-toxic, harmless, Free-radioactivity.With European EN71 & REACH certificate approval
    For promotion gift Packing: Different header card or FOY bag or customized

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