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  • Luminous polyester low elastic yarn 300D DTY

    Luminous polyester low elastic yarn Can be used in the fields of textile, knitting, stitch, weaving, etc.. Main products such as industrial sewing thread, embroidery thread, garment fabric, clothing and decorative fabric such as weaving, underwear, curtain, curtain, table cloth, shoes, mobile phone strap, embroidery, plush fabric, fabric carpet, Tapestry Fabric, sofa fabric, embroidery products

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  • 150D luminescent polyester filament

    luminescent polyester filament raw materials are photoluminescent pigment, it’s does not contain any of the ingredients harmful to human body and on the skin without any stimulation, wash water any times also will not affect the color and luminous effects.

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  • 21S Luminescent polyester spun yarn

    luminescent polyester spun yarn 21S Luminescent polyester spun yarn Specification: Popular size: 21s Customized size range: 21s~32s Current popualr colors and code as following color card showing. colors and specifications can be also customized

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  • 300D polyester luminescent embroidered thread

    300D polyester luminescentembroidered threadSpecification:

    150d/36F X 2 = 300DPolyester, color and code as following color card showingColor and Specifications can be customized for customers

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  • polyester glow in the dark yarn

    polyester glow in the dark yarn can be used in the fields of textile, knitting, stitch, weaving, etc.. Main products such as industrial sewing thread, embroidery thread, garment fabric, clothing and decorative fabric such as weaving, underwear, curtain, curtain, table cloth, shoes, mobile phone strap, embroidery, plush fabric, fabric carpet, Tapestry Fabric, sofa fabric, embroidery products

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  • Glow In The Dark Yarn (Fiber) / Glow In The Dark Sewing Thread

     Luminous yarn’s raw materials are photoluminescent pigment, it’s does not contain any of the ingredients harmful to human body and on the skin without any stimulation, wash water any times also will not affect the  color and luminous effects.

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  • Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone

    Glazed Photoluminescent cobblestone /Glazed glow flat cobblestone

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  • Three type of luminous aggregate can be used to produce terrazzo

    1. Inorganic glass rubble
    2. Organic (acrylic) luminous macadam
    3. Organic hexagonal stone (luminescent rhombic stone )

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  • Glazed photoluminescent gravel

    Widely used in artificial marble, artificial Selidstone, terrazzo, aquarium disk, bonsai, swimming pool, decoration, etc.
    Glowing in the dark & self-luminous in the dark
    Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hours,
    Various Glowing colors: yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.
    Non-toxic, harmless, Free-radioactivity.With European EN71 & REACH certificate approval
    For promotion gift Packing: Different header card or FOY bag or customized

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